Species Factsheet

Brachidontes pharaonis


Complete name: Brachidontes pharaonis (Fischer P., 1870)
Taxonomy: Mollusca » Mollusca » Bivalvia » Mytiloida » Mytilidae » Brachidontes pharaonis
Authors: B. S. Galil
Last updated: November 6th, 2006

Common Names


Brachidontes pharaonis (Fischer P., 1870)
Brachidontes semistriatus Krauss, 1848
Brachidontes variabilis [many authors]
Mytilus arabicus Jousseaume ms. In Lamy, 1919
Mytilus pharaonis (Fischer P., 1870) [Tillier and Bavay, 1905]
Mytilus variabilis Krauss, 1848

Short Description

A small gregarious intertidal bivalve with a 40 mm shell, externally dark brown-black and internally tinged violet-black. Equivalve, inequilateral, attached to substrate by stout byssus. Outline mussel-like with terminal umbones but variable in shape and in its height/length ratio; sometimes greatly expanded posteriorly, sometimes arcuate; occassionally subcylindrical with beaks not quite terminal. ?Sculpture? of numerous fine radial bifurcating ribs, coarser posteriorly and margin crenulate. The hinge has dysodont teeth.