Species Factsheet

Elodea canadensis


Complete name: Elodea canadensis Michaux 1803
Taxonomy: Magnoliophyta » Magnoliophyta » Liliopsida » Alismatales » Hydrocharitaceae » Elodea canadensis
Authors: Stephan Gollasch
Last updated: October 30th, 2006

Common Names

Canadian waterweed, Canada waterweed, Canadian pondweed, Canadian water pest, American waterweed, broad waterweed, common waterweed, water-thyme, oxygen weed.


Anacharis alsinastrum Bab.
Anacharis canadensis (Michx.) Planch.
Anacharis planchonii (Caspary) Rydb.
Anacharis pomeranica (Rchb.) Peterm.
Elodea brandegeeae St. John
Elodea canadensis Michx.
Elodea ioensis Wylie
Elodea latifolia Caspary
Elodea linearis (Rydb.) St. John
Elodea oblongifolia Michx. ex Caspary
Elodea planchonii Caspary
Helodea canadensis Reichb.
Philotria canadensis (Michx.) Britt.
Philotria linearis Rydberg
Philotria planchonii (Caspary) Rydb.
Serpicula verticillata Rostk. & Schmidt

Short Description

It is an aquatic herb with branching stems 20-30 cm long, which tends to form dense monospecific stands that can cover hundreds of acres. Leaves are oblong-linear in groups of three. Flowers are white or pale purple appear at the water surface. Fruits are capsules less than 1 cm in length.