Species Factsheet

Rosa rugosa


Complete name: Rosa rugosa Thunb. ex Murray, 1784
Taxonomy: Magnoliophyta » Magnoliophyta » Rosopsida » Rosales » Rosaceae » Rosa rugosa
Authors: Franz Essl
Last updated: October 12th, 2006

Common Names

Rugosa rose, Japanese rose .


Rosa ferox Lawrence
Rosa kamtschatica Vent.
Rosa regeliana Linden et André
Rosa rugosa Thunb.
Rosa x kamtschatica Vent.

Short Description

It is a small sprouting shrub that forms dense thickets, mainly in coastal habitats. The surface of the leaves is wrinkled, dark green, smooth above while pubescent and slightly sticky underneath. The twigs are stout and covered with thin, straight sharp spines of various sizes. The flowers are big (8-10 cm across) and can be white or light to dark pink. The fruits ("rose hips") are large and slightly flattened, shiny, deep red and ripen in late summer.