Species Factsheet

Eriocheir sinensis


Complete name: Eriocheir sinensis H. Milne Edwards, 1853
Taxonomy: Crustacea » Arthropoda » Malacostraca » Decapoda » Varunidae » Eriocheir sinensis
Authors: Stephan Gollasch
Last updated: October 30th 2006

Common Names

Chinese mitten crab, Chinese freshwater edible crab, Shanghai crab, Chinese river crab.


Eriocheir japonicus de Haan
Eriocheir leptognathus Rathbum
Eriocheir rectus Stipmson
Eriocheir sinensis

Short Description

This small crab has a carapax that might may reach 5 cm and are usually brownish in colour. A characteristic feature is the mitten like "fur" on the claws. The Chinese mitten crab is an omnivorous predator. The diet of the crabs includes a wide range of plants, invertebrates, fishes and also detritus. Gastropods and bivalves are the dominant food component.