Species Factsheet

Myocastor coypus


Complete name: Myocastor coypus Molina, 1782
Taxonomy: Mammalia » Chordata » Mammalia » Rodentia » Myocastoridae » Myocastor coypus
Authors: Sandro Bertolino
Last updated: November 31st, 2006

Common Names

Coypu, nutria.


Myocastor coypus

Short Description

Large semi-aquatic rodent that lives along rivers, lakes, and marshes. The weight is often between 2-4 kg but adult males can reach 7-8 kg. Superficially it is rat-like, with short legs and a long cylindrical tail, the first four digits of the hind feet are webbed; the pelage is brown. It is herbivorous except for occasional feeding on mussels.