Species Factsheet

Sciurus carolinensis


Complete name: Sciurus carolinensis, Gmelin, 1788
Taxonomy: Mammalia » Chordata » Mammalia » Rodentia » Sciuridae » Sciurus carolinensis
Authors: Piero Genovesi and Sandro Bertolino
Last updated: November 2nd, 2006

Common Names

Grey squirrel, American grey squirrel, eastern gray squirrel, cat squirrel.


Sciurus carolinensis

Short Description

Medium sized tree squirrel, with no sexual dimorphism in size or coloration. Body-head length 380-525 mm; tail 150-250 mm. Adults weigh 480-650 g. Dorsal grey to pale grey, with cinnamon tones. Ears pale grey to white; tail white to pale grey. Melanism common in the native range, not recorded in Europe. Feeds mostly on nuts, flowers, buds, fruits, fungi, some insects and occasionally bird eggs. During low food periods, strips bark to get to inner bast and cambian layers.